Frequently Asked Questions

  1. 1. Which are the schools covered under the online admission system?
    1 Indian School Bousher
    KG I – VII
    2 Indian School Muscat KG I – IX
    3 Indian School Darsait KG I – IX
    4 Indian School Al Wadi Al Kabir KG I – IX
    5 Indian School Al Ghubra KG I – IX
    6 Indian School Al Seeb KG I – IX
    7 Indian School Al Maabela KG I – IX

  3. Is on line application mandatory for admission?
  4. Yes

  5. What is the age limit for admission in KG I, KG II & Std I.
  6. KG I - The Child should have completed 3 yrs on 31st March of the academic year in which admission is sought.

    KG II - The Child should have completed 4 yrs on 31st March of the academic year in which admission is sought.

    Std - I - The Child should have completed 5 yrs on 31st March of the academic year in which admission is sought.

  7. My child is currently not residing in Oman, but expected to join me for the upcoming academic year. Can I do online registration for him / her?
  8. Yes. However, after allotment of seat, provisional admission can be given on submission of required documents and payment of fees. Admission will be confirmed only after the child’s presence within the time specified by the school.

  9. The resident Visa is still not stamped on my child’s passport but it is under process. Can I register online for his / her admission?
  10. Yes, but the resident visa copy needs to be submitted at the time of admission.

  11. Currently my child does not have a passport, but will be getting it shortly. Can I apply for his/her admission?
  12. Yes. But the Child’s passport number is the unique identity to validate your application form. You may download the standard request application to obtain a unique number and email the duly filled form to with copies of Parent’s id and Passport copy. After verification, a unique number will be allotted by mail/sms for entering the same in the field of Passport No. in the application form. This process will be done through email, only. The same process will be applicable in case of foreign nationalities where either of the parent / child holds an Indian Passport.

  13. The online application form calls for seven choices of schools. Is it mandatory for me to mark all the choices?
  14. Yes, it is mandatory to mark all choices in the order of preference.

  15. How do I know that my application is submitted in the online system?
  16. On submission of the application online, you will receive an email & SMS message informing you about successful generation of the application through the system. However, the application will be considered for allotment of seats only after completing the procedure indicated as in FAQ no.9

  17. What should I do after submitting my application online?
  18. You have to take a print out of the completed application form, attach copies of your child’s passport with family-joining visa page, your resident card, etc. as per the requirements and submit the same at any one of the Indian schools in the capital area except Indian School Bousher with a non-refundable processing fee of OMR. 15.000 per application.

  19. Can I submit my application form and pay the processing fee in any of the Indian schools (except Indian School Bousher) irrespective of my choice for admission?
  20. Yes. But if you are seeking admission for a sibling in the same school, the submission of application form and fee payment shall be done only in that particular school.

  21. I have submitted my application form online, but have not submitted the hard copy and fee payment at the school. Will my application be considered for admission?
  22. NO. Your application will be accepted and considered for seat allocation only after submission of hard copy with relevant documents and payment of processing fee.

  23. How do I know if my application form is accepted?
  24. After verification of application and payment of processing fee at the school you will receive an email & SMS alert confirming acceptance of your application.

  25. I have made a mistake in my application form during online submission. How can I correct it?
  26. You will be able to edit your application form with the login (registration number) & password.

  27. Can I make changes in my application after acceptance of the application form?
  28. NO. Once the application form is accepted after fee payment, no editing can be done.

  29. I am an Indian national expected to take employment in Oman soon. I wish to apply online for my child's admission for the academic year commencing in April 2019. Currently I do not have the Oman visa or resident card. Can I apply online now?
  30. As such applications can be accepted ONLY from current residents of Oman, which is a basic eligibility criterion. However after arriving in Oman and obtaining your resident card you may approach the schools for admission, which will be subject to availability of seats.

  31. If any one member in the family (father, mother or child) has an Indian Passport, will the child be eligible for admission?
  32. Yes

  33. If the family members (father, mother or child) seeking admission have foreign Passport (nationalities) but hold PIO cards, will the child then be eligible for admissions?
  34. The child may be given admission only after admitting all children of Indian Nationality and that too depending upon the availability of seats.

  35. Can children of other nationalities and not covered under above mentioned points be admitted?
  36. No

  37. I am a parent with Indian Passport, but my child has a foreign passport? I am seeking admission for my child in Indian school. What should I do?
  38. Please contact the BoD office located in Indian School Muscat premises, with all relevant documents for guidance.

  39. Can anybody else view my application form or edit the details entered by me?
  40. NO.

  41. I have forgotten my login id / password. How can I track my application?
  42. You may contact the admission help desk / cell of the school for assistance.

  43. Can I submit more than one application for my child?
  44. NO. You are allowed to submit only one application per child. The system will not validate / accept any duplication.

  45. How are the seats allocated for admission in various schools?
  46. All accepted applications will go through a computerized random draw based on the availability of seats. The process would select a child, class wise, school wise & choice wise and the seat allocation will be made accordingly.

  47. Is the Area of my residence taken into consideration when the seat allotment is made in the Draw?
  48. NO, under the current system the area of residence is not considered for seat allotment. The random draw will do the allotment in any of the capital area schools purely based on availability of seats in each school and the order of choice marked by you.

  49. Will I get admission for my child in the school of my first choice?
  50. It purely depends on the availability of seats in that particular school. Hence the parent is advised to mark the choices carefully after analysing the vacancy matrix given in this website for each school.

  51. If I submit my application form early, do I stand a better chance of getting admission?
  52. NO, the seat allotment is NOT on “first come first served basis”. All the applications accepted until the cut off date will have equal chance of getting selected in the computerised random draw process.

  53. My child is currently studying in one of the Indian schools in the Capital area. Can I apply for an interschool transfer?
  54. NO. Inter school transfers are not allowed in the admission process except in the case of Indian School Bousher. Transfer to Indian School Bousher from other schools is permitted.

  55. I am a staff of one of the six Indian schools, seeking admission for my child. How do I submit my application?
  56. You have to follow the same procedure of online registration. With a print out of the application you may approach the principal, who, in turn, will inform the Board.

  57. If my child’s name comes in the draw, does it guarantee admission?
  58. Yes. But please note that once allotment of seat is done the admission will be confirmed only after personal appearance of the child at the respective school at the time of fee payment and submission of the relevant documents within the stipulated time.

  59. My child is currently studying in the morning shift. I am seeking admission now for the sibling. Will I get admission in the morning shift?
  60. Not necessarily. Admission in the morning shift is purely subject to availability of seats.

  61. I have a child already studying in a particular school and I want to admit another child (sibling) in the same school. Would there be a preference given for admission in the draw?
  62. Yes, but ONLY if the same school is marked in the application as FIRST CHOICE.

  63. My child is already studying in an interior school and I’m moving to Muscat, do I have to fill fresh application form?
  64. Yes

  65. What should I do for admitting my child in higher classes for which there is no draw?
  66. For admission to classes X and XII you are required to approach the school directly. However, for Class XI online application facility will be opened at a later date (by mid-March). You need to approach the school directly with the filled application form.

  67. How many SMS & email alerts will I get during the admission process?
  68. a) On submission of online registration form. b) On acceptance of registration with required documents and processing fee at the school. c) An alert one week before the random draw to those applicants who have done only online registration but have not paid the registration fee. d) Intimation of random draw results.

  69. What is the procedure in getting admission in ISWK-international wing, which is not part of the draw?
  70. For admissions (Pre KG to Class VIII) in the International Wing (IGCSE Cambridge Syllabus) of Indian School Al Wadi Al Kabir, please approach the School directly. For more information, WhatsApp 97590236 / 97590235 or