About us

Board of Directors of Indian Schools in Oman is the apex body of the 20 Indian schools in the Sultanate of Oman, with more than 46,000 students on the rolls. The Indian Schools are established by the Board of Directors primarily to impart education to the students of the Indian community residing within the Sultanate. The Schools function and operate as non-political, secular, non-profit making and self-sustaining institutions.

The Schools emphasize on the academic excellence and the all-round development of students by encouraging them to participate in sports, cultural activities and hobbies aiming to ensure that students develop into educated, confident and productive individuals.

The Management of Indian Schools constitutes of a two tier administrative system viz., the School Management Committee (SMC) for each School and the Board of Directors under whose guidance SMCs function.

The Board of Directors strives to ensure that every Indian child residing in Sultanate of Oman is provided with quality education and it would continue to make all efforts to further augment it for the Indian diaspora.

Online Admission System

The Board of Directors in its endeavour to upgrade the admission process has embarked on setting up an ‘Online Admission System'.

The objectives of online admission system are to facilitate parents to have easy access to the information pertaining to admission and allied matters. Parents can access and fill application forms and submit them online. They can also get to know results of selection process and it thus makes the system transparent and hassle free.

Online Admission System is used for admissions in Indian Schools in the capital area; viz, Indian School Muscat, Al Ghubra, Darsait, Al Wadi Al Kabir, Al Seeb and Al Maabela.

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Board of Directors
Indian Schools - Sultanate of Oman P.O. Box. 2470, Ruwi,PC. 112 Muscat, Sultanate of Oman

Tel: 00968-24784386
Fax: 00968-24794057

Indian Schools Contact Nos
Al Ghubra -24491587
Al Mabela - 93219683
Darsait -24786693
Muscat - 24702567
Seeb - 24451664
Wadi Kabir - 24816633

E-Mail. admissions@indianschoolsoman.com